Pierce County’s Heritage Series

Volumes 1 through 5 are out of print and therefore unavailable for sale. However, copies of these documents are available for use during office hours at the Pierce County Historical Association office in the Lawrence building at 423 W. Main in Ellsworth, WI
Volume 1 [Out of Print] Student research papers on Spring Valley and the River Falls Area.
Volume 2 [Out of Print] Diamond Bluff area, Fishing on Lake Pepin, Sea Wing Disaster, County Seat conflict, Pierce County Court House history, Joel Foster reminiscences of River Falls.
Volume 3 [Out of Print] Early county schools in South Rush River District; Rush River and Our Savior’s churches; histories of the communities of Esdaile and Olivet and Clifton Township; covered wagon reminiscences; the Creswell family of Clifton.
Volume 4 [Out of Print] Geography and history of the Kinnickinnic River valley, from exploration through 1974.
Volume 5 [Out of Print] Reminiscences of Ono-Grange Hall; histories of Rock Elm, the Walker farm of River Falls, and county schools (Gilman Mines/Gilman #3, Lone Balsam/ Gilman #2, Waverly/El Paso #3, Clay Corners/Martell #8, Herum/Martell #4, Kay/Martell #6, Glass Valley/River Falls #2, Gertrude/River Falls #5, Fisher/Trenton #, Wilson/Trenton #2).
Volume 6 [Reprinted with additions]. Plat maps; Mann valley history and histories of the Mann and Cernohous families; Mann Valley Lutheran and Swedish Christian Mission churches; Stone, Oak Knoll-Taylor, and Oak Hill- Glenmont schools. 95 pp. Click here to view the Index
Volume 7 [Reprinted with additions]. Histories of the Donegal/Cherma families and settlement; St. Martin’s and St. Mary’s churches; Donegal, Forestville, Jerusalem Corners, and Randall schools; histories of local round barns and Prescott schools; reminiscence of Depression Era farming; the use of Genealogical Research resources. 154 pp. Click here to see the Index
$11.50Separate published additions/corrections. X pp.
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Volume 8 Includes El Paso Township history, maps, censuses and tables, histories of El Paso’s Waverly, St. Joseph and Lost Creek churches, and the Woods, Hines, Lost Creek, Maple Grove, Lincoln and Iverson schools; also includes Lawton family history, and recollections of River Falls, 1901-07. 325 pp. Click here to see the Index
Volume 9 BELDENVILLE History, by Dan Geister
Pierce County Historical Association, 2008. 272 pp., edited by Ursula Peterson. Contains information on and photos of the Beldenville area and its activities, businesses, cemeteries, churches, farms, organizations, railroad, residents, and schools. Click here to view the Index
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Atlas of Pierce County, Wisconsin (Plat Book Reprints)

Includes land owner index, list of businesses, advertisements, census data, photos
Includes land owner index, list of business sponsors, photos, Wisconsin geography, directory of Pierce County officials, churches and businesses.
Includes land owners and patron’s reference directory.
Annotated and Alphabetized 1900 Census & 1910 Census of River Falls, WI
Compiled by PCHA members, Ursula and Ed Peterson; 74 pp.; 1996.
All Our Yesterdays
Volumes 3,5,6,7
For information on the content of out of print volumes 1,2 and 4, contact PCHA via email at info@piercecountyhistorical.org or the office at 715-273-6611.
$ 5.00 per volume
Come Rejoice With Me
Regionally inspired poetry by late Bay City resident Lloyd Spriggle. 200 pp.; 1992
$ 5.00
History of Prescott, Wisconsin
Written and compiled by Prescott residents, Dorothy Ahlgren and Mary Beeler; 605 pp.; 1996.
Illustrated Souvenir of River Falls 1900 (Reprint)
Souvenir of River Falls, Wisconsin February 1900. Arranged by H. E. Graham. Original written by W.L. Beeman. Reprint made available by the Pierce County Historical Association, River Falls Chapter. 77 pp.; 1900.
Index to Easton’s History of the St. Croix Valley
St. Croix Valley Genealogical Society
$ 9.00
Index to History of Rock Elm, Wisconsin
For Out of Print book by LaVern Flanders; 18 pp.
$ 4.00
Is There Any Lutefisk and Lefse? A History of Martell Township
Written by Pat Wiff; 589 pp.; 1994.
PCHA Historical Calendar 1982
A conversation piece containing county history tidbits
$ 4.00
St. Croix County Plat Book 1876 (Reprint)
$ 6.00
Teen-agers in the Great Depression: Growing Up in the ’30s and ’40s
Collaboration of former River Falls Township native Marcia Nelson Crothers and Ohio native Marilyn Sip Tharp; 96 pp.; 2001.