Diamond Bluff Methodist Church

Highway 35 east of the village

This church was first established in the 1850’s as the Norwegian Danish Church. Dedicated in 1866, the building is one of the oldest places of worship in Pierce County, with footings made of boulders taken from the surrounding bluffs. Running water was installed for the first time in 2001.

Skidmore Bluff

North of the Hwy 35/County Road O Intersection

Named for nearby landowner, John Skidmore, the bluff is easily seen from Highway 35 because of the American flag on it’s summit. The bluff appeared in the 1922 Hollywood movie, Free Air, based on a serialized story by Sinclair Lewis. The film, which opened in St. Paul, Minnesota, and New York City, New York, included an adrenaline producing scene in which a Model T roadster plunged over the bluff face, carrying the villain Pinky to his death on the terrace below.